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SignGold, X-Large Engine Turn, Regular Gold (15" x 2yd)

SignGold, X-Large Engine Turn, Regular Gold (15" x 2yd)
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Product Details
SignGold - 22k Gold Vinyl
No other sign making material adds value to signage like gold!

And there is no other genuine 22 karat gold vinyl for interior and exterior use, than SignGold. SignGold is used around the world to create beautiful graphics, signage and vehicle lettering, and has given thousands of sign professionals, just like you, the ability to offer "gold leaf" services, without the time and cost of traditional gilding.

SignGold cuts, weeds and applies much like any other high performance vinyl. At only 1 mil thick it not only requires no extra blade pressure when cutting, but will actually conform to rivets and other surface irregularities better than most premium vinyls...and 22 karat gold will not fade!

SignGold's genuine 22 karat gold materials can be applied wet or dry, just use your application fluids sparingly in wet applications.

Fully compatible with other high performance vinyls, your projects become designed of lasting beauty, with SignGold's 10-14 year outdoor life, graffiti, stain and salt water resistance and UV protection.