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GatorShield - Galvanized Steel Tubing

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Gatorshield coated steel tubing has been the standard of excellence and the product of choice for outdoor structures for over 15 years.
The Gatorshield coating is a premium triple-layer rust and corrosion resistant product protection. Coatings of zinc and chromate are applied, then a clear polymer topcoat seals the surface. The result is unmatched, long-lasting rust and corrosion protection. Gatorshield's bright, smooth and uniform surface retains its attractive appearance for an extended period. Aluminum turns a dull, dark gray as it ages.
  • Gatorshield Can Make Structures 60% Less Costly
  • Galvanized Steel Offers Superior Strength Over Aluminum
  • Get Stronger Welds -- Steel is Easy to Weld in the Field
  • Steel is Much Less Expensive to Paint or Powdercoat than Aluminum
For more information about Gatorshield tubing, including technical data, visit the GatorShield Website.
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